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As you can see I already posted Ch1 Part 18, which is the beginning of Ch2 part 1 that is because Ch2 is going to be rewritten. Hopefully it will be better and that it will keep going.
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1 Hour Later...

Niney: *talking to Zack from the door* Zack... are you okay?

Zack: Uh... ye-ah...

Hal: *unlocks the door*

Niney: *hugs Zack* thank god you're okay.

Zack: Ah!-ha... *flinches at the touch*

Niney: *let's go of Zack* I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to! *tears up*

Zack: It's al-right.

Niney: are you sure?!

Zack: *slowly nods*

Niney: your not okay! You need to get checked!

Zack: *chuckles* Y-ou worry to mu-ch.

Niney: I'm serious! You need to get checked, like now!

Zack: I'm F-ine!!! Th-is happens every t-ime, and I've be-en through wo-rse!

Niney: Zack... please stop... just please...

Zack: *leaves*

The next day Niney was trying to get Zack to tell her what was wrong and why it happens to him and he wouldn't tell her. She went to Hal and asked him.

Niney: Hal, I want to know why Zack has this stuff happening to him... can you please tell me?

Hal:  Before I tell you, you have to promise you'll NEVER bring it up, NEVER tell anyone I told you, and as far as Zack knows you know nothing!!! Promise?

Niney: I'm good at keeping secrets. Yes, I promise.

Hal: About 5-6 years ago, Zack was killed. Hit by a truck, knocked into a tree cutter. Uncle Otto and Uncle Gibson built Zack a new body, while Uncle Antauri watched over Zack's soul. If dad found out his favorite son was killed, none of the us would be alive.

Tears began to fill Niney's eyes. She didn't know that her new mate died and was rebuilt.

Niney: *begins to cry* what else happened?!

Hal: Uncle Antauri and I are always trying to save his soul, every few years demons come and try to take it! He's not sopost to be alive, dad doesn't even know yet! Now you know, you can't tell anyone!!!

Niney: I promise. But does Jessy know? She went in with you to save his soul, right?

Hal: She doesn't know...

Niney: oh my god... *cries* oh my god! Zack... but how can he bleed, repopulate and drink and eat, even though he was rebuilt?

Hal: Uncle Gibson made him living again.

Niney: how? How did Gibson make Zack living again?! The only way to make someone living again is by magic and me, Jessy, Trenity, Butterfly, and Jessy's kids have magic including my mom!

Hal: I don't know, I remembered that I helped, maybe I have the power to make dead things living again. *look at the time* I got to go help Uncle Gibson. *leaves*

Niney: uh... can I come too?

Hal: Aren't your kids going to wake up soon?

Niney: Jessy is taking care of them... why?

Hal: I thought you might of left them with Zack... You can come if you want...

Niney: okay *follows Hal*

With Zack

Zack: *enters Sara's room*

Sara: *taking care of Sargent*

Sargent: *hungry*

Trenity: hey Zack... what's wrong?

Zack: I just want someone to hang out with besides Niney. She has to be around me 24/7!!!

Trenity: well... she loves you more than you know... and the fact that she is trying to show you what she looked like as a mobian from our home... she talked to me earlier and she said that and she said she wanted to show you something... she never really got a chance with Bomber with love and she just wants to try again.

Zack: I know, it's just... I need like a hour away from her every other week, when you're followed 24/7 by someone, it gets kind of annoying!

Sara: (thinks, "I know how ya feel.")

Jessy: *comes in* I see how you feel Zack... when me and Kody first met, he was always up my tail, even when us girls go out to eat! And he stopped after the five were born. Don't worry Zack. I'll go tell her that you need some time from her...

Zack: :) (Smile) There can be a boys night out tomorrow night, the girls can stay and watch the kids. There will be a boy night out every month, then two weeks after there will be a girls night out!!!

Trenity: hmm... kinda depends on what the girls want us to do... what if the girls secretly put micro sized cameras on us and watches what we're doing?

Jessy: (thinks: "Damn it.. they caught my plan...")

Trenity: what do you think Zack?


Trenity: whoa, Zack... calm down. Okay boys night out tomorrow... but the girls have to be okay with it...

Jessy: I'm not letting Kody with random boys... he might kill someone!

Zack: I'll go tell everyone! Don't worry Jessy!!! *leaves* BOYS NIGHT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessy: Facepalm

Tomorrow afternoon, all the boys get ready for boys night out.

Gibson: I can't believe I got dragged into this.

Hal: Zack always gets his way...

Then Bow came in and saw all of the boys get ready. Then she saw Gibson.

Bow: Gibby?

Gibson: Sorry Bow you can't come...

Sprx-77: Zack even got Kody to come!

Drake: daddy! Mommy said no!

Bow: Gibby? *gives Gibson a necklace to wear to the boys night out*

Zack: Kody's coming to boys night out! Boys were born to brake the rules!!!

Gibson: Uh... Thanks...

Bow: I say don't take it off Hal Gibby!

Gibson: Okay...

Bow: *kisses his nose* good luck! *leaves*

Gibson: *blushes*

SPRX-77: *laughs at Gibson*

Hal: Bow needs to get a boyfriend her OWN AGE!

Jessy: hey! *comes in holding Bow* just because she likes Gibson doesn't mean you have to make her feel bad! And now she's gonna have nightmares because of you brother. *leaves, while Bow looks at Hal like he kicked her dog*

Hal: *sticks his tong out at Jessy*

Then Butterfly popped behind Hal and smacked his face.

Butterfly: how dare you be mean?!

Hal: You're being meaner than me!!!

Butterfly: fine. Then boys night out is officially off!

Hal: *gets scared* Bad idea!

Zack: BOYS NIGHT OUT IS NOT OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVERY BOY IS GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butterfly: how come the little boys aren't going? If their not going then it is OFF!!! They can hang out at a small park somewhere and you guys can go to a place that has a window to watch them!

Zack: We're not leaving till 10:00pm., that's a hour after their bedtime, we won't be back till 3-4 am.!!!

Butterfly: fine... but be back by 2:30 a.m.

Zack: 3:00AM.!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Butterfly: *grabs him by the ear* 2:30 that it. No later or I'm coming and grabbing all of you and make you go to bed.

Zack: Fine... (thinks, "2:31am.")

Butterfly: I can read minds idiot. No later, or I'm gonna grab you and make you go to bed early.

Zack: I haven't slept in 3 years, i thinks it's because some physical disorder...

Butterfly: then I'll stuff down sleeping pills to make you sleep.

Hal: Please stop fighting! We'll be back by 2:30!

Butterfly: good. And Hal, make sure they get here. *kisses him on the lips, leaves*

Hal: *blushes*

Kody: at least Jessy didn't do that to me. Why don't we go now?!

Zack: How about you pick what place we go to first? Bowling, Gym, or Skeleton King lair?

Antauri: I might as well correct Kody before he starts talking. Let's go to the bowling alley first. Then we'll train in the gym and come back home.

Kody: *whispers, making it hear-able to the other boys* kill joy...

Antauri: I heard you Kody.

Kody: damn it!

Zack: I asked Kody, not you, Uncle Antauri!

Kody: actually, I agree with him... I don't want to go back to Skeleton King's lair again... after all, I was under his control before I met Jessy... and the fact that I was created by him!

Zack: Fine...

Hal: Aww man... I wanted to rip Skeleton King's head off...

Antauri: don't you remember that the alchemist helped Mandarin become good a couple years ago?

Kody: yeah! Skeleton King is gone! He was turned back into the Alchemist. But I'm still afraid of going back to that lair...

Hal: Well I'm still going, I have friends there!

Kody: Butterfly will kill you if you go there... and Jessy will kill us before Butterfly does...

Hal: You don't have to go if you don't want to, but I am. Butterfly can't separate me from my friends!

Kody: does she even know who they are?

Hal: I don't think so. They're just so vampires and demons.

Kody: vampires and demons? She's a vampire too...

Hal: Maybe she knows some of the vamps there.

Kody: ... well... while you go to the lair, we're gonna go to the gym and wait for you...

Hal: Alright, see ya at the gym about midnight. *leaves*

Then at the gym Gibson and Antauri had a little bit of suspicion in the necklace that Bow gave to Gibson.

Gibson: I think there's a hidden camera in the necklace...

Antauri: hmm.. Bow did say to never take it off...

Gibson: *takes the necklace off* She wants to spy of me.

Back with the girls.

Jessy: dang it! They found out... what's plan b?

Sara: Just leave them alone! If any of the boys tell Zack, that they're being spied on. You don't want to know what Zack will do... *shivers*

Jessy: what will he do?

Niney: *in one of the chairs in a corner* (thinks: "I really don't want to break the promise... I'll keep it a secret for Hal.")

Sara: It's best if you don't know... *leaves*

Back with the boys, Zack hangs with Kody...

Kody: what do you think the girls are doing back home?

Zack: Maybe thinking about what we're doing... What do you think they're doing?

Kody: I don't know... but all I know is that they could be partying and stuff...

Zack: Let'em party, they're the ones dealing with the kids... :) (Smile)

Later that night the girls fell asleep. And the boys returned home at 2:28am.

Gibson: *looks around* Where's Hal?

Zack: He left early, to go hang with his friends, again...

Kody: Butterfly is gonna kill him when he comes back...

Zack: Not my problem...

Kody: then who's going to get him before it becomes 2:30?

Antauri: *looks at the time* its already 2:30...

Zack: He'll be back by 3:00 , I hope...

Kody: I'm not gonna go back to my room until he comes here. Until then, I'm waiting out here.

Zack: I thought you hated Hal...? Night! *leaves*


Kody: where is he?

Hal: *folds his wings in, covered in blood (most of the blood is his own), looks up at Kody* If yo-u're gonna po-und me do it n-ow... *coughs up some blood* :( (Sad)

Kody: Hal! *goes to Hal* what happened?

Hal: R-an into an o-ld fr-ie-nd on the wa-y ho-me. I'm fi-ne...

Kody: Gibson is still up, we can get you in there so you could explain to Butterfly why your in there better... do you like that plan?

Hal: Bu-tt-er-fly can't find out... and I wa-nt to go to bed first...

Kody: you have to get cleaned up first... then you can go back to bed.

Hal: Fi-ne... but why are ya be-ing so ni-... *passes out from blood lose*

Kody: nice? *takes Hal to med bay to get him cleaned up and bandaged, then takes Hal to his room so he can sleep, goes into his room and goes to bed*

The next morning Jessy was taking Hal to med bay for checkup.

Jessy: how he managed to get you this hurt is something other vampires need to know... and Hal, why can't you tell Butterfly about your 'friend' hurting you on the way home last night?

Hal: Butter-fly is way to prot-ect-ive... *coughs up blood* She won't l-et me ha-ng with my fri-ends any mo-re...

Jessy: young female vampires are always so protective of the older male vampires... once she get out of the stage you can talk to her about it... don't worry... once she has another child the protectiveness will be over for her. And Niney.

Hal: I th-ink all fe-ma-les are pro-tect-ive... Wh-ere's Kody?

Jessy: taking care of all of the kids, why? He said that you passed out last night.

Hal: I'm go-ing to hang with him f-or a li-ttle bit... *climes into the vents*

Jessy: please don't hurt yourself more...

Later with Kody, he got the children to go to sleep, as he sensed Hal in the vents.

Kody: Hal, somewhere else, the children are sleeping.

Hal: :( (Sad) *climes out of the vents, stands outside of the room, hoping Kody will come out*

Kody: *follows Hal* and you wondered why I was being nice to you?

Hal: Yeah, why we-re you?

Kody: because your the only brother that seems to be really close to Jessy... and the fact that she has no other brothers... other than you and Slosh.

Hal: *whispers* I might as well tell ya... *normal voice* You can stop be-ing nice... I'm leaving some-time next week, won't be back for two years, at the least...

Kody: what?! What about Jessy, or Butterfly, or your kids?! Don't they matter to you?!

Hal: They do, but I have to leave. My three years of break are up, it's back to Earth for two years...

Kody: but that can't be right! Their gonna be distraught! And your kids won't remember you in two years! Do you want to make them remember you after you come back?! And butterfly could kill herself without you! And Jessy would be in a bad condition because you won't be here anymore!

Butterfly: wait... Hal? Y-your leaving? Please don't leave! Please!!!

Hal: I'll try to come back on holidays...

Ben: *comes up to Hal* You better get packing, we're leaving ing three days...

Butterfly: ...

Kody: make sure you try and come back to visit us then...

Ben: Why not just take the Super Robot to Earth, when we leave? We'll only get holidays together but we'll spend longer time together on holidays...

Kody: hey, uh, Ben, right? Mandy likes you, that all I know about her at the moment... and she said that she heard about you and Hal going back to earth, and she said she wanted to come.

Ben: Sure, everyone can come, they just can't leave the robot, when we get to Earth.

Kody: wait... no I just remembered... Jessy can't come... if she comes she'll be in tears the whole time!

Ben: Why?

Kody: she thought that planet earth was destroyed... she was there too. And if she comes, bad memories will come back.

Jessy: no...

Kody: sh*t!

Hal: Kody's...

Ben: ...Busted!

Jessy: wait... you guys are going back to earth?! No! I'm gonna cry! No!

Kody: Jessy, calm down...

Jessy: okay....

Kody: go to bed, okay?

Hal: If Jessy stays, are you gonna stay?

Kody: we'll... the kids would stay with her to make her feel like she's not alone... so I want to find out what Earth is like.

Ben: You could get enrolled at our school!!!

Kody: what school?

Hal: SOM

Ben: School of Magic!!!

Kody: uh... who did you ask?

Jessy: if you we're talking to me, i already know how to use my magic...

Ben: We're talking to you, Kody!

Kody: I don't have magic! The others do, but not me!

Hal: You don't need magic to be in the school. Hell half the students there are normal, like Ben.

Ben: HEY!!! Just because when I started I didn't have magic, doesn't mean you can point me out!

Kody: okay... is there grades?

Hal: I wouldn't say there's grades, it's uh... I can't explain it...

Ben: You see when we get there...

Jessy: you can go Kody. Just make sure you don't go where I don't want you to go.

Kody: okay... I can go.

Hal: I'll be back... *leaves*

Ben: You're gonna have so much fun!!!

Jessy went back to her room to get some of his stuff packed and came out.

Kody: hey Ben, do I need to pack?

Ben: You can if ya want, they'll have your uniform there...

Kody: uniform? we have to wear uniforms?

Jessy: when I was a human in high school we had to wear uniforms...

Ben: Don't worry we only wear uniforms Mon., Wen., and Fri.. On Sat. and Sun. there's no classes so we can hang out around the town for a little bit.

Kody: what about the other two days?

Ben: We can wear what we want to class, the only students that have to wear a uniform are the Master Students.

Kody: hmm... okay...

3 days later...

Hal: I can't wait till tomorrow!!!

Ben: Hey they sent us the uniforms! *holds up a box*

Kody: that's the uniform?!

Hal: Yep! *puts the hat on* Blue, white, and black.

Ben: They're the school colors.

Kody: black may be the color that suits me...

Hal: You'll get to wear black Tues. and Thurs. if ya want.

Kody: okay.

Ben: *digs deeper into the box* You're lucky, Kody. *pulls out a black shirt (like the white) and a piece of paper* On Wen. we wear black shirts in stead of white.

Kody: cool!

Ben: *gives Kody his uniform* Go try it on to make sure it fits.

Hal: *slips his uniform shoes on*

Kody: *tries his new uniform on*

Jessy walked in and saw Kody trying the uniform on. And she walked up and he didn't know she was behind him.

Jessy: *taps his shoulder*

Kody: Jessy!

Ben: *tries his uniform on*

Jessy: what are you guys doing?

Ben: Trying on our school uniforms.

Hal: To make sure they fit.

Jessy: hmm... can I join?

Kody: Jessy, its on Earth... are you sure?

Jessy: yeah, if its okay with Hal and Ben...

Hal: We'll have to get you singed up at the school since you know some magic.

Ben: I'm guessing you'll be an Advance Student, but that's just a guess...

Jessy: I might know more than Hal. Just maybe... why don't we try some magic before we go?

Kody: not yet for me.

Hal: Ben and I are Intermediate Students.

Jessy: wha??? Whaats that?

Kody: might be something higher than you Jessy...

Jessy: well... when I was in my pony home, I was somewhere near that stage...

Hal: Intermediate is not as strong as you think...

Ben: There are five kinds of students. There's Newbie Students like Kody, then Beginner Students, Intermediate Students like Hal and I, Advance Students, and finally Master Students.

Jessy: so if I were in the Advanced one, then I would be pretty near the master students... right?

Kody: yeah.

Hal: Kody, you catch on fast.

Ben: You'll have to take a test to see what kind of student you are, Jessy.

Jessy: but I can control elements! Like lightning or rain, or something of the sort!

Ben: Is that all you can do?

Hal: She don't sound like an Advance Student no more...

Jessy: and the fact I forgot to tell you, I can change myself into my pony self and back, and my mobian self. And I have a lot more than you think.

Ben: If we leave right now, Jessy can do the test, and get assigned a rank before school starts, we can also show Kody around a little bit, and show him what Earth is like.

Hal: That's a great idea. What do you two think?

Jessy: what's the test like?

Kody: sounds good to me.

Ben: The test is different for everyone, so we don't know...

Hal: (thinks, "I miss when Kody tried to rip my head off every time he saw me...")

Jessy: Hal... he's not gonna do that anymore...

Hal: I don't care if you read my mind, just stop replying!!! *leaves*

Kody: you should really stop...

Jessy: I can't help it! And you know why!!! Stupid Skeleton King decided to give me this power and a thing that makes me reply to things that aren't directed to me!!!

Ben: Two questions, have you tried listening to music? And what was Hal thinking?

Jessy: first answer... do you even realise that its embedded in my brain?! And second, he thought that he misses Kody trying to rip his head off every time he sees him...

Ben: Oh... We should get going...
In dorm 666...

Shooter: *grabs a gun*

Jessy comes back to the dorm to see Kody and Hal still talking.

Kody: *sees Jessy* Jessy, come here.

Jessy: *shakes her head* no.

Shooter: *accidentally shoots Jeff in the leg*

Hal: *sees Jeff get shoot, goes over to Jeff to stop the bleeding*

Jeff: *doesn't notice, till Hal goes over to him*

Jessy: *sees the whole thing, has a flash back of her past* no... *runs out*

Jeff: Aunt Jessy is afraid of you, cause you're too mean...

Hal: Everyone's afraid of me... Why do you think I never told you about any of your aunts and uncles...?

Kody: Jessy... *runs after her*

Hal: *finishes bandaging Jeff, leaves*

Kody: great... she's gone...
Kyle: *watches Kody*

Kody: *sits on the couch* great... why did she just leave?! *starts tearing up* F*CK!!!

Shooter: 'It's not good to cus.'

Kody: *looks away, hiding his tears* I-I'm sorry... she would never run off because of something...

Shooter: 'It's alright to cry.'

Kody: she would never run off, though... she's has never done that before...

Shooter: 'There's a first time for everything.'

Kody: ... wait... Jessy! *runs after Jessy*

Jessy kept running until she ran into a forest, and she went into a cave that had a star and a circle around it. The alchemist showed her how to do alchemy.

4 hours later...

Luther: Where's Kody?

Shooter: *follows Kody*

Kody ran into the cave and found a aimatronic on the ground that looked like it was breathing and Jessy was missing.

Kody: where's Jessy??

Animatronic: your talking to her...

Kody: what??

Shooter: *trips, making himself visible*

The animatronic got into a crouching position and looked at Shooter.

Jessy: (the animatronic) great. You brought him with you!

Shooter: *starts to panic*

Kody: calm down shooter!

Jessy: and you remember...

Kody: remember what?

Jessy: where we're from.

Kody: don't...

Shooter: *Heart starts to skip beats*

Jessy: *ear pops from the back of head and goes up to shooter*

Shooter: *doesn't realize he's holding his breath*

Kody: shooter. Calm down. It won't hurt you.

Shooter: *runs to Kody*

Kody: the ear won't hurt you.

The ear: *goes over to shooter and rubs on his leg*

Jessy: *giggles* looks like my ear likes you.

Shooter: 'No! Go away!' *climes Kody*

Kody: shooter! Stop climbing me!!

Ear: *whimpers*

Jessy: aw... He's sad now.

Shooter: *passes out from holding his breath*

Kody: *holds him*

Ear: *goes back to Jessy's head and hides*

30 min. later...

Shooter: *starts to come to*

Kody: morning young one.

Shooter: 'I want to go home.'

Kody: okay. *picks him up* Jessy, get out of the suit.

Jessy: but the ear still lives on! *gets out of the suit* I didn't think he'd pass out.

Kody: kids these days pass out by anything.

Jessy: *holds the frightened ear* can I keep the ear?

Kody: as long as it doesn't scare anyone else.

Jessy: okay. *follows Kody to the dorm*

A few hours later they get back to dorm 666...

Shooter: *asleep*

Kody: *to Hal* where does he sleep?

Ear: *jumps out of Jessy's arms, and crawls to Hal, scaring him*

Hal: He sleeps in my room... *sees the ear, Jumps back* The fu...!!!

Jessy: *catches the ear* whoa! Calm down!

Hal: What was that?!

Jessy: *mad at Hal* wanna see it? *holds the ear in front of his face* is he cute?!

Hal: *growls, eyes turn red (anger) than purple (fear)*

Jessy: the ear is like a dog!

Hal: A dog?

Jessy: *drops the ear on Hal* How does it feel? I had it in my head!!

Hal: *pushes Jessy to the ground* Enough with your creepy jokes. *leaves*

Jessy: Fine. Be an @$$hole.

A sneeze is heard from the vent where a small robot monkey, that looks smiler to Jeff, is hiding.

Jessy: what was that? *goes to see the little robot monkey, but the robot monkey fell on her and the little one hid*

The little robot monkey takes off and hides behind the TV.

Jessy: hey, we're friends. We're not gonna hurt you.

Little robot monkey: *comes out, looks at the ear, catches the ear and hides again*

Kyle: *goes over to the little guy*

Mandarin: *sees the little robot monkey* You're not sopost to be here, Killer Indigo.

Killer Indigo: *growls*
Hey, sorry I haven't been on very much (It's been, what, 6 months to a year?).

I'll try to be on more often, but no promises. The rest of this week I most likely won't be on, but I will attempt to at least check my massages and try to reply.

See ya! 
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Jessy: I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT KYLE!! STOP YELLING!!! *cries, opens the door, hurts Kyle in the process and takes Kody out to her dorm*

Hal: I thought you said you acted like Uncle Antauri, but you don't when you think you do. I can tell you why you don't act like him, but only if you're selfless enough to listing...

Jessy: I said I wanted to act like Antauri helping you grow and learn! But no!!! You had to go to earth and f*ck girls and make them pregnant! And that is why I stopped trying to take care of you by dad's permission! Dad said I could take care of you because I was older! And guess what?! I'm gonna tell the whole team and Butterfly that you 'cared about her to never leave her'! And guess what?! Nothing is gonna get our way!!! Just leave me and the team alone! And stupid Ben too! I wish I was never related to you too! Just please leave us alone!

Hal: I'll gladly stay away. Don't bother tellin' Butterfly, I already did...

Luther: *comes out with Kyle*

Jessy: what if she finds out even when I didn't tell her?! What would you do?! *sees Luther* who's that?

Hal: Luther... Butterfly sent him... then we broke up. HAPPY NOW?!?!

Luther: Dad you're losing it.

Hal: *calms down*

Jessy: what?! You broke up?!?! HOW COULD YOU JUST BREAK UP WITH HER?! *has tears in her eyes* no... she'll kill herself!!

Kody: Jessy, let's go... *takes her and grabbed her stuff and left the school an went on a ship back to Shuggazoom*

Hal: Finally.

Before they got on the ship, Jessy looked to try and find Cece and Angel.

Angel and Cece join them.

Jessy: Angel! Cece! Come on! In the ship!

When they got to Shuggazoom they went to the super robot.

Niney: Jessy! *looks at Cece and Angel* who are those two?

Jessy: Niney, Cece and Angel. Cece, Angel, this is Niney.

Angel + Cece: Hi...

Niney: nice to meet you. Come on in. We got some rooms set up.

Then Bow ran up to Jessy.

Bow: MOMMY!!! *crying* mommy!!!

Jessy: what's wrong Bow?

Antauri: Gibson decided to be mean to her yesterday. *notices Cece and Angel* Hello, my name is Antauri. *shakes their hands* And what is your names?

Angel: I'm Angel and this is Cece.

Zack: *enters the room*

Niney: Zack! *hugs Zack gently* meet Cece and Angel.

Jessy: I'm going to go see Gibson. *goes to Gibson's room*

Zack: I'll pass... *leaves*

With Jessy. She got in Gibson's room and went towards him. He was still asleep.

Hal video calls Gibson. Gibson got up and answered it without noticing Jessy.

Gibson: What do you want? :(

Hal: Did you run out of you meds? You're gonna have to get more? You're Bipolar!

Gibson: NO!

Jessy left after she heard Gibson yell at Hal.

Sargent: *runs into Jessy*

Jessy trips over Sargent.

Jessy: watch where your going Sargent!

Sargent: *screams, runs away*

Jessy: (thinks: "what's going on?")

Sara: Hey, Jessy.

Jessy: Sara! *takes a deep breath* what's going on? Why did Sargent scream and run away?

Sara: Maybe because you yelled at him.

Jessy: I'm sorry for yelling at him... but, here's a question for you, does Gibson really have bipolar?

Sara: Yeah. I think everyone else forgot he's bipolar.

Jessy: hmm... I happened to go into Gibson's room and he woke up when Hal called and said something about medication... is there medication for bipolar?

Sara: Yeah...

Jessy: hmm... okay...

Sara: *hears Sargent scream* I got to go... *leaves*

Jessy: (thinks: "something strange is going on...")

Hal: *video calls Kody*

Kody: what do you want @$$hole?

Hal: ??? you must be Kody?

Ben: *sees Hal video talking to Kody* Kody?! Sorry about that. Hal has amnisha, so he can't remember anything. He's just calling people. Sorry for wasting your time, bye.

Kody: huh?

An unknown number text Kody.

Unknown #: H e l p ,  U n c l e  K o d y !

Kody: *texts back: "What's wrong Kyle?"*

Kyle: Daddy's don't remember, he hurt. There's a Stranger, he gonna hurt Ben, like he did daddy.

Kody: but Ben just said that your dad has amnisha.... what does the bad guy look like?

Kody: Skeleton...

Kody: does he call himself Skeleton King?

Kyle: Yes.

Then Kody ran out to the command center.

Kody: Guys! Skeleton King is at Earth! We gotta go there now!

Gibson: okay... :(

Jessy: *to Gibson* Gibson? I now know about your Bipolar...

Gibson: Okay...

Zack + Sara: *to Kody* Just let Hal fight this one out.

Kody: *mad* BEN SAID THAT HAL CANT REMEMBER ANYMORE!!!! Hal has amnisha, and His probably three year old son Kyle texted me saying SKELETON KING is in there!

Sara: Isn't Kyle the kid in the wheelchair?

Zack: That's Jeff, Kyle's the autistic kid.

Kody: he called me uncle Kody... and he called Jessy aunt Jessy!

Jessy: technically i helped him learn that I'm his aunt.

Zack: Fine we'll help.

Sara: Lets go. *starts the Robot*

Jessy: *looks sad*

Niney: Jessy? What's wrong?

Jessy: huh? oh, uh... I'm not wanting to run into Hal again... he said he wished that i wasn't related to him...

Niney: even when we try and keep it off to the side, he'll say sorry a few years later... and guess who apologized to you when you were human?

Jessy: my cousin... *cries*

Niney: Hug

3 days later...

Zack: Welcome to Earth...

Niney: whoa! No wonder why Sonic was talking about Earth when he returned home!

Sara: Let's just find Hal, Ben, and who ever else. Then leave.

Jessy: but Skeleton King might destroy Earth!

Sara: We'll save Earth too...

Jessy: we better...

Everyone goes to dorm 666 at SOM

Zack: *knocks on the door*

Luther: *opens the door* Finally...

Lilo: Brother!

Luther: *runs away, almost runs into a wheelchair* Wo oh!

Jeff: Sorry.

Lilo: why are you running Brother?

Luther: (thinks, "To ditch ya.")

Jeff: *goes into the room Kody used*

Lilo: *to Luther* do you hate me?

Jessy: oh please...

Butterfly: *sees Hal* Hal?

Hal: *jumps up* STAY BACK, STRANGER!!! *the giant wound in his side becomes noticeable*

Butterfly: whoa! I'm not a stranger! I'm a friend! these are my friends and we're friends!

Jessy: huh? *notices the wound*

Hal: LIES!!!

Luther: You're not going to be able to get through to him...

Butterfly: I'm your mother! i gave birth to you!

Jessy: *shakes Hal* get a grip brother!

Luther: I know!

Hal: DON'T TOUCH ME!!! *pulls out a gun*

Jessy: WHOA!

everybody (except Hal, Zack, Sara): whoa!


Hal: Calm down?! My friend was taken from me! I think there's sopost to be three kids here, not two! And the only one who I think I know is him! *points at Kody*

Kody: Hal! it's me appearenlty, Kody. Don't shoot them, their my friends... and some of them are your siblings, please don't shoot!

Luther: How can ya fire an unloaded gun?

Kody: wait... what?

Hal: *runs into his room, locks the door*

Jessy: *knocks on his door softly* can you please open the door?


Luther: Maybe Kody can get through to him, Kyle did...

Kody: Hal? Its me Kody, from the video call? Don't you remember?

Hal: *thinks*  Yeah...

Kody: can I come in?

Hal: *hesitates, opens the door to let only Kody in*

Kody: *walks in* Hal, what's wrong? Why are you scared of my friends and your siblings?

Hal: I'm not scared! I don't know them!

Kyle: *texts Kody* The skeleton took daddy's memory...

Kody: *pokes his head out the door* guys, go find skeleton king and get Hal's memory back!

Everyone (except Hal, Kody, Luther, Jeff, Kyle) : *leaves*

Kody: Hal, listen to me, my friends will get something for you, okay?

Hal: Okay. Help me find all 3 kids, wail we wait.

Kody: okay, is the third one in a wheelchair? 'Cause there's Kyle and Luther... but who's the third one?

Hal: Jeff is the third one, yes the one in the wheelchair.

Kody: so we have all three, right? There's Kyle, Luther, and Jeff. Is that all three?

Hal: Yeah, but they're scattered around the dorm, and Kyle's hiding.

Kody: is that why he's texting me?

Hal: Maybe.

Kody: *texts Kyle* Hey, Kyle, can you come to me please?

Kyle: *texts back* You gotta find me.

Kody: *texts back* I can't find others as good as aunt Jessy... please?

Kyle: *texts* You gotta find me!!! Stay here, on Earth.

Kody: *texts* I can't stay! I'll find you! *to Hal* I'm gonna find Kyle, you find the other two.

Hal: I think Jeff went in that room. *points at Kody's old room*

Kody: he did. And find Luther. *calls Kyle, not by phone* Kyle?

Hal: *sees Luther* Found Luther!

Kyle: *stays quiet, is hiding in a secret spot in the wall in the closet of Kody's old room*

Kody: *checks in his old room, sees Kyle* Kyle, can you come with me please? We can bring your mommy and go to my home and I know you'll love it there! You even have cousins! And you'll have me too!

Kyle: NO!!!

Kody: Kyle! I said, if you don't come, I'm not staying on Earth!!! Do you hear me?!

Kyle: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kody: (almost did Jessy)*quietly* Kyle? Calm down... please?


The room starts to shake, power flicks on and off...

Kody: Kyle? Please stop! Okay, I'll stay! Just quiet down! Please!

Kyle: AHHhhhh... *stops* P r o m i s e ? !

Kody: I promise, but only if you promise to come with me to go see my home first, okay?

Kyle: *growls, nods*

Kody: and after we get back to here, I'll take me and my family and we'll stay, okay?

Kyle: Just you!

Kody: but if I don't have my family, I would go crazy and almost hurt you... and I don't want that to happen, do you?

Kyle:  J u s t  Y o u ! ! ! *gets ready to scream*

Kody: Kyle... please don't scream... if I told you this, will you not scream? They can stay at their new home, and I can hang out with you everyday, okay? That way you can have my promise, okay? Do you like that idea? I'll take you anywhere you want, okay?

Kyle:  F i n e !

Kody: don't yell. Or I'm not staying.

Kyle: *growls*

Kody: if you growl again, I'm not going to stay. And I'm a beast if you didn't know, I don't break promises, and if you want to, when me and you hang out, if I do stay, I'll give you a ride on my back.

Kyle: *leaves*

Kody: *goes outside to the living room like spot to see Kyle and Jeff* where's Luther?

Jeff: Downstairs, Lunchroom, with Hal.

Kody: isn't Hal, your dad?

Jeff: Yeah, but I like to call him Hal when I'm talking about him to someone.

Kody: I know two Hal's... but one of them likes to be called Gibson...

Jeff: *climes out of his wheelchair, crawls (drags his feet) over to the TV, grabs one of the movies* Am I related to Gibson?

Kody: no... you should really let me help... I don't want you to hurt yourself... (thinks: "can I be able to touch him? Since Kyle doesn't like touching")

Jeff: I'm not going to hurt myself, I do stuff more dangers than this all the time.

Kody: *kneels down to Jeff* can't you just let me help you? And I got a question, why are you in a wheelchair?

Jeff: *shakes his head, chuckles* I'm paralyzed from the waist down. Can't walk, stand, feel anything...

Kody: I would go crazy if my legs were paralyzed... I'm a beast... and I need to take care of my friends and family... which means you too... since your my mates, nephew. As well as Kyle.

Jeff: We should go get Shooter!

Kody: who's Shooter?

Jeff: My younger brother, Kyle's older brother. He's deaf.

Kody: well... let's go get him. Uh... can I help you get to your wheelchair?

Jeff: No, thanks. I prefer to do things on my own. *crawls to his wheelchair*

Kody: okay... let's go get him now... *leaves with Jeff and Kyle behind him* where's his room Jeff?

Jeff: *takes a pair of Rollerblades out of a bag on the back of his wheelchair*

Kody: why do you have a pair of Rollerblades?

Jeff: *gives the rollerblades to Kyle* They're Kyle's.

Kyle: *puts the rollerblades on*

Kody: oh... why?

Jeff: Kyle loves rollerblading.

Kyle: *uses sign language* 'Race you there?'

Jeff: You're on!

Kody: but... Kyle talks... why is he using his hands? (Thinks: "what is he doing?")

Jeff: Kyle doesn't like to talk a lot, he prefers to use Sign Language.

Kody: :? (Confused) Sign Language?

Jeff: Sign Language is used to communicant, mainly with deaf people.

Kody: okay...

Kyle: *speeds down the hallway, head for the stairs*

Kody: hmm... (thinks: "I could probably enjoy racing...") Jeff, can you tell me what room number it is? I wanna challenge you to a race as well as your brother...

Jeff: 106, it's near the lunchroom.

Then they made it to the room.

Jeff: *knocks on the door*

Deaf Teacher (DT): You must be here for Shooter, did your dad send ya?

Kyle: *nods, lying*

DT: Okay. *leaves*

Kody: *doesn't say anything*

DT: *comes back with Shooter and his stuff* Have a nice day.

Kyle: *goes to the lunchroom*

Jeff: *takes Shooter back to dorm 666*

Kody: Kyle, make sure you find your dad. I'll go with your two brothers back at the dorm, okay?

Kyle: 'Yes.'

Later, Hal returned to the dorm with Kyle and Luther. And Kody was watching Shooter and Jeff, and he was learning sign language.

Kyle: *rollerblades around the room, almost running into everything*

Kody: Kyle, please stop. Facepalm

Kyle: *speeds to Kody, grinds Jeff's wheelchair, jumps over Kody, skids to a stop*

Kody: do you want me to touch you? Cause I'll gladly do.

Kyle: *leaves*

Jeff: I wouldn't touch him, just let him go.

Kody: ... I know what he hates... he hate making eye contact, he hates being touched, and loud noises...

Jeff: He's autistic!

Kody: wha?

Jeff: Look it up...

Shooter: *sticks wheels in the bottom of his shoes*

Kody: okay... *sees what Shooter is doing* what is Shooter doing?

Jeff: He's putting the wheels in his Heelys.

Kody: sounds familiar... is it shoes that have wheels in the heels? If it is, then I remember Jessy talking about them... and she said she wanted some...

Jeff: Me and all my brothers have a pair, I don't think Luther does.

Kody: hmm... but your legs are paralyzed...

With the others they were separated to find skeleton king. Until Jessy saw a pair of Heelys. Jessy was partnered with Sara.

Jessy: ooh! I haven't seen one in ages!!!

Sara: Heelys came out four years ago. *looks at the Heelys* They look like Ben's...

Jessy: but they came out when I was young, and that was forever ago. I really want one! Please?!

Sara: Maybe Hal can order you a pair...

Jessy: ... Hal doesn't trust me anymore... and remember? He lost his memory. Hal doesn't trust me anymore... and he just yelled at me saying that he wished I wasn't related to him... I didn't ask skeleton king to make me related to him, but he decided it was best! I never even had a chance to get past the age 16 when I was human before skeleton king killed me, and made me a hedgehog and a robot monkey! I hate how my life turned out!!! *cries* and its not fair for a human who lost her family to continue with this pain looming over her... have you felt the pain before?! Other than your mother being killed by skeleton king?!

Sara: Don't worry, Hal hates everyone he's related to, other than his sons. My mom wasn't killed by Skeleton King...

Jessy: but when Mandarin was still evil you and Zack said that she was killed by dad's master. And skeleton king is his master!

Sara: My mom's living on Pluto.

Jessy: Facepalm but you and Zack both said that she was killed!

Sara: No we didn't!

Jessy: yes you did! Stop lying!!!

Sara: I'm not!!!

Jessy: then what do you really mean?!

Sara: My mom's alive!!!

Jessy: just stop yelling! Why don't you go find skeleton king by yourself?! Go!!!

Sara: *leaves* (thinks, "Selfish bitch!!!")

Jessy: I can still hear you!!

With the boys...

Kody: *watches the young kids* (thinks: "hmm... i forgot to show them my beast...") hey, um... Jeff, can i show you and your brothers something?

Jeff: Sure.

Kody: can we get all of your brothers out here?

Jeff: The only ones not out here is Luther and Kyle, but it's their nap-time.

Kody: okay... can i show you now?

Jeff: Sure.

Kody: can we do it outside? I'm a little big when i show you something...

Jeff, Shooter, and Kody all go outside.

Kody: ready? *goes on all fours and turns into his beast form (he was half the size of the school)*

Jeff: Awesome!

Shooter: 'Cool!!!'

Kody: i promised Kyle I'd give him a ride... do you guys want to have a ride?

Shooter: *goes back inside*

Jeff: Maybe later...

Kody: okay... *turns back to his robot monkey self and walks back to the dorm*

Hal: *watching TV*

Kody: hi Hal.

Hal: *waves*

Luther: *sleepwalking*

Kody: is Luther supposed to be up? *carefully stops Luther and directs him to his room*

Hal: He's sleepwalking, just put him back in his crib...

Kody: okay. *takes Luther back to his crib*

Jeff: *grabs his guitar, starts playing These Days by Foo Fighters*

Kody: *sits next to Hal* it was a fun day today...

Hal: How was it fun?

Kody: I got to show Jeff and Shooter my beast form...

Hal: Cool.

Kody: yeah.

Kyle: *wakes up, goes to take the original X-BOX apart*

Kody: what are you doing with that?

Jeff: He's taking it apart...

Kody: why?

Jeff: It's broke...

Kody: oh...

A week later, everyone comes back and they have Hal's memories...

Kody: Hal. Here, my friends got this for you.

Hal: *take's it* What is i- *a bright white light covers Hal, then fades* Wha...? BEN WAS KIDNAPPED BY SKELETON KING, WE NEED TO GET HIM!!!

Ben: I'm right here... the others brought me back...

Kody: *smacks Hal on his back, not too hard* good to have you back.

Hal: :)

Jeff: *plays Star Wars on his guitar*

Jessy: *stays behind the team, not looking at Hal*

Shooter: *goes up to Jessy* "You okay?'

Jessy: *shakes her head, realizing he's deaf, she signed* 'I'm not okay, I just don't want to see Hal...'

Shooter: 'If you don't want to see Hal, why did you come?'

Jessy: 'to be a nice big sister that I was supposed to be until he got five girls pregnant. Why did you ask?'

Shooter: 'I'm not sure what rules sisters go by... but us brothers put the past behind up, treat each other kindly most of the time, and accept each others' differences.'

Jessy: 'I don't know what your saying, but I'm the oldest, and will always be even when I die. But with Hal, he just jumps into stuff like it was no ones businesses and mess with their lives, and I was told by my father to get him to stop. But even when I tied my best, it just wouldn't get through that thick skull of his! And I'm f*cking tired of it every day! I'm sick and tired of his actions!'

Shooter: 'Can't you just listen to your heart, and accept the fact your brother is different than you? He's never tried to change you, he accepts you for who you are.'

Jessy: 'that's not what I'm saying... I'm saying that I'm trying to teach him right, from wrong... "dad" told me to make him like me. It not what I wanted my brother to be me... my life has sucked far more than you think. I lost my human family, and my life to Skeleton King... and he made me with a power of reading thoughts, and now it went out of control and I have to "always reply" to every thing I hear in my head... its just not fair...'

Shooter: 'If you haven't noticed daddy's mentally handicap, his learning is delayed, not only that following a given command is not him. He's a soft-heart rule-breaker, with a sense for adventurer, that won't let anyone change him...'

Jessy: 'how is he handicapped? He was just fine a year ago! He's never, ever done this before! Do you even realize what he was like when he was a kid? He was a trouble maker, and when his dad would yell at him, he'd stop and do what his father said!'

Shooter: 'I've known him longer than you have. That's a fact!' *leaves*

Jessy: *walks out of the dorm*

Jessy was being followed by Jeff.

Jeff: *follows Jessy* Hard being the oldest?

Jessy: yeah... now I feel like how my big human sister felt when she was taking care of me... *sits down* I didn't ask to be Hal's sister.. but stupid Skeleton King decided it was best...

Jeff: I may not be the oldest out of all my brothers, but I'm the oldest out of my brothers here. I won't listen to my older brothers, I didn't grow up with them around, so I learned to only listen to myself and watch over my younger brothers. Dad's the same way, you're not going to get through to him, but you can still watch over him. Dad learned to live on his own, for more than 3/4 of his life.

Jessy: I always trusted my big sis to look after me... but your dad said not to look after him... I shouldn't be alive right now... I shouldn't have met the hyperforce... or any of you... I shouldn't have been born in the first place... *tears up* what am I going to do with my life? I lost my human family and my human self to be like this by Skeleton King and became what I am now... I shouldn't be here...

Jeff: Everyone has a propose and reason to be who they are, you just haven't found yours out yet...

Jessy: my whole family hasn't found their purpose of what their going through in life... and I may never find mine. At all.

Jeff: Maybe your propose is to find your family?

Jessy: my human family died by Skeleton King... and its been so long... I can't even remember what they looked like... but except my dad... he was so nice, and he died by Skeleton King! *cries* its not fair! I had a big brother too. And a really nice big sister too. And they all died by him! And now I'm the big sister...

Jeff: Maybe your propose is to kill Skeleton King...?

Jessy: no... I did it before and I couldn't go out of my room for a year... I didn't even wanted to get out of my room... I'm now the big sister and Hal hates me! He doesn't even know what my life was like before...

Jeff: He's independent and he doesn't get along with others that well...

Jessy: I don't know ANYTHING about him then... because he trusts his other siblings including Mandy, and he just hates me... him, and Ben called me a selfish Bitch... and... I guess I was meant to be that... *starts crying* he doesn't even know how hard it is to get your siblings to love you back... Sara hates me as well as Zack, Hal hates me more... and I've never seen his twin brother and his two young sisters... and I bet they would hate me too... I should be with my dead family right now... never even reborn as this f*cking body that's trapped for life by f*cking skeleton king! I hate my life right now...

Jeff: The only reason he gets along with his other siblings is because they don't try to protect him, and they accept him the way he is. Besides he doesn't get along with Uncle 45075, Aunt Hope, and Aunt Faith.

Jessy: I do accept him for who he is... just... my real father on Shuggazoom told me to change Hal... I'm technically part of royalty and part of Mandarin's kids that aren't royalty...

Jeff: Royalty? Are family's poor...

Jessy: you don't get it... I wasn't royalty before... but now... I'm a daughter of a king. My mother who died after me and Mandy were born was the queen.

Jeff: So you're a princess?

Jessy: well... yes... Kody is a prince of beasts... his whole kind of hidden robot monkeys are beasts in disguise... and he's the prince... he showed me his family and his kind. And I showed Kody my home... and my home is in the desert...

Jeff: Why would you live in a desert?

Jessy: ask my father... it looks different from any other castles that you might know of... so is Kody's families kingdom...

Jeff: okay...

Jessy: yeah...

Jeff: I better get going... *leaves*

Jessy: okay...
As you can see I already posted Ch1 Part 18, which is the beginning of Ch2 part 1 that is because Ch2 is going to be rewritten. Hopefully it will be better and that it will keep going.
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